Chris Brown – X LEAK ALBUM

Chris Brown X 2014 LEAK ALBUM Chris Brown   X LEAK ALBUM

Chris Brown – X LEAK ALBUM After his June release, Brown is returning to the spotlight, conducting his first post-jail interview for Billboard’s Sept. 13 issue and finally unleashing X.The album is solid, with several potential hits. But it’s also over-packed, with a whopping 17 tracks and nine all-star features, including Rick Ross and Lil Wayne. Credit the album’s overlong gestation period, or a 25-year-old fresh out of jail and too eager to impress cynics — either way, the LP would benefit from fat-trimming, especially on its lustful first half.
But once gratuitous fillers are skipped, gems appear, especially on the closing half, where Brown is lucid about his tabloid love life. Lyrics from the love songs could hint at Brown’s post-jail perspective. Otherwise, there are few clues as to whether his time away altered his music or mindset — an unfortunate missed opportunity.Maybe there’s hope for Brown yet — or maybe he’s betting his new batch of  potential chart-toppers will change the subject.Read on for Billboard’s track-by-track review of Chris Brown’s X.“X” – Brown’s most honest moment comes at the top of the album, on the title track. “I can make you a believer if I turn the nonsense down,” he moans, before the schizophrenic Diplo production takes over.It’s safe to say that this is a man who knows he’s got to get his life together and has to prove to himself and others.

Chris Brown – X LEAK ALBUM

1 X Chris Brown 4:20
2 Add Me In Chris Brown —
3 Loyal (feat. Lil Wayne & Tyga) Chris Brown 4:24
4 New Flame (feat. Usher & Rick Ross) Chris Brown 4:03
5 Songs On 12 Play (feat. Trey Songz) Chris Brown
6 101 (Interlude) Chris Brown
7 Drown In It (feat. R. Kelly) Chris Brown
8 Came To Do (feat. Akon) Chris Brown
9 Stereotype Chris Brown
10 Time For Love Chris Brown
11 Lady In a Glass Dress (Interlude) Chris Brown
12 Autumn Leaves (feat. Kendrick Lamar) Chris Brown
13 Do Better Chris Brown
14 See You Around Chris Brown
15 Don’t Be Gone Too Long Chris Brown
16 Body Shots Chris Brown
17 Want You To Want Me Chris Brown
18 Lost In Ya Love Chris Brown
19 Love More (feat. Nicki Minaj) Chris Brown 3:09
20 Don’t Think They Know (feat. Aaliyah) Chris Brown 4:00
21 Fine China Chris Brown 3:33


Artist: Chris Brown
Album: X
Released: 2014
Style: R&B / Soul
Format: MP3 320Kbps / FLAC


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